Techniques of medical image encryption taxonomy

Mustafa A. Al-Fayoumi, Ammar Odeh, Ismail Keshta, Ashraf Ahmad


Medical images are one of the most significant and sensitive data types in computer systems. Sending medical images over the internet necessitates using a robust encryption scheme that is resistant to cryptographic attacks. Confidentiality is the most critical part of the three security objectives for information systems security, namely confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality is the most critical aspect for the secure storage and transfer of medical images. In this study, we attempt to classify various encryption methods in order to assist researchers in selecting the optimal strategy for protecting sensitive patient information while transferring medical images without alteration and outline the measures that should be adopted to address challenges and concerns relevant to techniques of medical image encryption.


Digital medical images; Genetic algorithms; Internet of medical things; S-box

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